Public Participation is Key to Project Success

TCG Consulting, Inc. understands the importance of engaging and listening to the public and key stakeholders of an impacted community.  We ensure our clients know their audiences and what motivates them to stimulate action – whether it’s a legislative body, key influencers and/or supporters. They also must know who  opposes them and the tactics they will take toward success.

Public Affairs

- Comprehensive Planning
- Shareholder Engagement
- Community Outreach
- Strategic Communications
- Public Participation
- Facilitation
- Public Education
- Media Relations

We help public and private entities communicate the critical issues by employing solid research and analysis, utilizing traditional and social media platforms and garnering a fundamental understanding of the potential impact of the core issues to the environment. TCG becomes a part of your team by identifying needs, concerns and issues. We engage the public and provide accountability during the process. We present solutions and ensure impactful engagement during the life of the project.

TCG’s experience in public affairs, public participation, conflict prevention and issue and crisis management means we can provide solutions to your challenges –solutions that both the public and your internal stakeholders can agree on.

Our Clients